Jasper is a Senior Adjunct Teaching Fellow at the Abedian School of Architecture, which is part of the Society and Design Faculty at Bond University on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Below are images of the new architecture school building, designed by London’s CRAB Studio.

Jasper teaches architectural design to undergraduate and Masters students in all years. A selection of his previous design studio titles include the following:

2020 - “Context and Counterpoint: Investigations into Temporally Disparate Urban Adjacencies” (with Lindsay Clare);
2019 - "Architecture & Archive: Anticipating Your "Oeuvre Complete" by Reflecting on Trajectories, Preoccupations, Methods and Concepts in your Current Design Archive" (with Professor Chris Knapp);
2018 - “Re-Purpose / Co-House / Re-Integrate: Exploring Adaptive Re-Use Dwelling models in a growing City” (with Jodie Cummins);
2017 - “Gold Coast Gesamtkunstwerk: Architecture, Food and Detail. Designing concurrently at different scales” (with Dr Vanessa Menadue);
2016 - “Waterfront Edge Conditions: Designing a Gold Coast outpost of London’s H-Club” (with Kerry Clare and Lindsay Clare);
2016 - “Fabricating Atmospheres: Building Envelope Tectonics as Filter, Frame, Fabric and Form, adapted in response to four Gold Coast Ecologies” (with Professor Chris Knapp);
2015 - “Architecture as Oracle and Cipher: Civic Design Propositions for the Gold Coast, and reflections on Allegory, Abstraction, Synthesis and Abstraction in Architectural Design” (with Annabel Lahz and Andrew Nimmo);
2015 “Architecture and Film: Spatial, Temporal and Narrative Constructs” (with Justin Twohill, Kerry Clare and Lindsay Clare)
2014 - “Architecture and Ritual: The Hinze Dam Bath House” (with Dr Jonathan Nelson);
2013 “Architecture and Drawing: Synthesized Fragments; Drawn Logics and Threshold Urbanism” (with Professor Chris Knapp)